Dr Geoff Lambert

Dr Geoff Lambert

Geoff Lambert describes himself as a “professional neuroscientist and amateur ecologist.” He is also a life-long bushwalker, earning his brownie points in the wilds of Western Tasmania, where he was born.

His walking has taken him to all Australian States, New Zealand, Scotland, the Appalachian Trail, the Rockies, the Pacific Crest Trail and Mt Everest. On the day after his return from a post-doctoral research in NYC, his walking took him to North Head. He has been going back ever since.

He helped out with planning and mapping the Northern Beaches component of the WV’s Palm Beach – Cronulla walk and maintains a database of walking tracks in the area. His interests in North Head cover, among other things, all aspects of its history, its landforms and geology, land use and indigenous connection with this iconic landscape. He has amassed a collection of some 500 artworks, 60,000 photographs and over 10,000 documents relating to North Head.

His BURNING interest is, however, the fire ecology of North Head and (very especially) the role which the First Australians played in “Fire Stick Farming” on North Head. In conjunction with his wife Judy, he has published a number of papers in the academic literature on this topic.

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